Friday, 22 March 2013

Kao Thai  
Delight in the complexity of traditional aromatics
Dishing up delicious Asian delights, Kao Thai is so much more than it's quaint front of house demure. Owners John and Bee set up shop in late 2012 and have been busy ever since. The renovated space blends old with new and pays homage to Bee's homeland, Thailand. It's a family affair with Bee's brothers, Kin and Top, part of her Kitchen team. The trio know how to pack a punch with bold and subtle flavours and plenty of them. Staff are attentive and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Among the hustle and bustle of Sydney Road, there is a real authenticity about this place.
Bee front of house
Eat: The menu is extensive and draws on Thai classics including curries, stir fries, seafood, salads, noodles and more. Ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. If you're after heat and fire, this place delivers on both fronts. All dishes, small and large, are good value and reflect a true understanding of the intricacies of well-balanced flavours. The peanut sauce is the stand out and well worth bottling as a take home. The steamed whole snapper was recommend and was by far the dish of the day. My sweet tooth rejoiced with many spoonful's of sticky rice and banana and coconut ice cream. Be sure to down at least one of Kao Thai's lemon or milk flavoured ice teas. The smoky flavour is like no other.

Fish cakes

Roti with peanut sauce (home-made)

Spring rolls (home-made) with chilli dipping sauce

Pad lemon grass with chicken and steamed rice (served separately)

Steamed whole snapper with mixed vegetables and coriander

Sticky rice with banana and coconut ice cream

Drink: The house speciality.
Kao Thai's lemon ice tea (home-made)

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